Your Questions

In this section we will attempt to answer as many of your questions that we receive as possible. We think if one person asks a question, others may be thinking the same thing.


What is the current proposal for the Damkar lands?

Ernie, Iris and Norman Damkar want to give a portion of their land to the Centre Street Church to build a new North West Campus. It has been a 50 year dream to gift land to the church. To that end, the Damkar’s have developed a proposal to rezone a 10 acre parcel of their land on 12 Mile Coulee Road (adjacent to Watermark) to accommodate an institutional use. The proposal also includes 10 single family homes fronting on Spyglass Way.


We have heard that the plan includes a senior’s facility is this true?

Part of the Damkar’s ultimate wish is to use another parcel of their land adjacent to the parcel proposed for the NW Campus to accomodate a senior’s facility. This is not however part of the current proposal.


Why were these two uses separated?

While the Damkar’s feel the senior’s facility is important and believe there is certainly demand for it within Bearspaw, it simply made sense to separate and simplify the planning application process to facilitate the immediate goal of developing the Church. Plans for the senior’s facility will be prepared and filed with RVC at a later date.

We have heard some anticipation and some anxiety about the potential senior facility. The Damkar’s goal is to be up front regarding their plans which is they have indicated their intentions for this land. Having said that no detailed plans exist and therefore we cannot answer detailed questions at this time. When an application is made on these lands there will be a full engagement process and neighbours will have an opportunity for input at that time.


Who will be developing the single family lots/homes proposed? Are they part of the Watermark community?

The subject lands are located within the Watermark Conceptual Scheme, and as such, the proposed Church and single family residential lots will be considered part of the Watermark community and subject to homeowner fees. Although, the developer/builder for the single family homes however has not been determined, Watermark’s developer, MadDonald Development Corporation, has been given the first right of refusal to purchase these lots.


Given the discussion about the land being gifted, there are concerns that the proposed residential lots will be sold at a discount and undervalue existing homes.  Are these lots part of the Damkars gift to the church?

Great question, and we appreciate your concern. No, this portion of land designed for the ten residential lots are NOT part of the Damkar’s proposed gift to the church. Macdonald Development Corporation has first right of refusal to purchase these lots from the Damkars at market value.

How big is the church/sanctuary? Will it impede on my views/property?

Designed by leading architect Alvin Fritz, the new NW Campus has initially proposed to include a 22,000 sq ft sanctuary designed to accommodate a congregation of approximately 860, along with an educational resource centre and administrative offices. Centre Street Church also has a future ‘faith goal’ to plans to expand the church with an additional 22,000 sq ft gymnasium which will correlate with their fundraising efforts. The ultimate size of the church is planned with a building footprint of approximately 44,000 sq. ft.

The Church’s design has been carefully considered to blend and complement the surrounding community and breathtaking landscape. We believe that the proposed church will add to, not take away, from the beauty and lifestyle currently enjoyed by its neighbours.


Will the church blend with the neighbouring residential community?

The church itself has been positioned respectfully on the land and designed in such a way that it will blend and complement the surrounding community and breathtaking landscape. We believe that the proposed church will add to, not take away, from the beauty and lifestyle currently enjoyed by its neighbours. You will find architectural renderings along with other information at this link which we believe demonstrates the careful consideration that has been given to the architectural design, details and placement of the church.

Ron Lanthier of Macdonald Development Corporation has been engaged in the creation of the Damkar’s application and he has affirmed that the proposed architectural and landscape designs for the church will complement and blend in with the community.


Will the ten new residential homes adhere to Watermark architectural controls and blend with the community?

The ten proposed residential lots, which have been designed as an extension of Watermark and are subject to the same architectural and landscape controls. As an aside, they have been designed as an ideal transition from the Church to the residential community.


Will church residents be able to access the Watermark pathway system?

Pathways are an important amenity for communities, providing recreation and connectivity for their residents.  As part of the Watermark community we believe it is important to extend that connectivity throughout the site which will also allow Watermark residents to enjoy the Church grounds which will be beautifully landscaped and provide a sanctuary for its members and neighbours alike.

We do not anticipate that the Church will have a significant impact on Watermark’s pathway system.  Patterns indicate that most people will simply leave church upon the completion of the service or activity.


Where will the church and homes get its servicing?

As per the adopted Watermark Conceptual Scheme, the lands will be serviced by extension of existing potable water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer services within the Watermark community. All infrastructure required to service the site will be provided by the developer.


What steps are being taken to ensure there are not drainage or slope issues?

Our project team has conducted a geotechnical study as part of our application which addresses all drainage and slope issues. Additional studies and proper construction plans will be undertaken to mitigate any risk.



Traffic in the area is a concern. What impact will the church have?

We appreciate that there has been and continues to be growth in the immediate area resulting in more traffic in the area. As part of our application development we have conducted extensive traffic impact studies which concluded that the Church is NOT expected to generate significantly increased traffic volumes during peak hours. The majority of Church related traffic would occur at off-peak times when traffic volumes on the surrounding roads are generally lower.


Will vehicles from the Church have access to Watermark via Spy Glass Way? What impact will the Church have on traffic within Watermark specifically?

From a traffic impact perspective great lengths have also been taken to minimize any traffic impact on the neighbours.  There will be no access to Watermark via Spy Glass Way and therefore will have little traffic impact on the community.

What steps have been taken to alleviate traffic?

We expect approval from the City of Calgary for an all-turns access to the site from 12 Mile Coulee Road. From a traffic impact perspective, this is considered to be the best option and will greatly facilitate traffic flow from 12 Mile Coulee Road into the facility with minimal impact on commuter traffic. The traffic study will be reviewed both RVC and The City of Calgary as part of the application process to ensure all engineering considerations are considered to ensure the safety and efficiency of the local road network is maintained.


Are upgrades expected for 12 Mile Coulee Road?

12 Mile Coulee Road, south of Tuscany Way, is expected to be built to a Primary Collector standard (27m ROW). Based on City of Calgary standards, this means two lanes in each direction separated by a 3.5 m median. This improvement is development-driven and, as such, will occur in the future as development in the area occurs. This proposal does not trigger any such improvements.


Is 12 Mile Coulee Road going to connect southward past Lynx Ridge?

12 Mile Coulee Road will continue to provide access to the Lynx Ridge Golf Course, however, it is not expected to be extended through to Nose Hill Drive.

Rocky View County has currently designated 80th Avenue as the extension of 12 Mile Coulee Road west to Bearspaw Village Road/133 Street. The City of Calgary’s current plans indicate that at some point in the future Nose Hill Drive may extend westward and connect to Bearspaw Village Road/133 Street NW.


Will the 10 single family residential units be accessed from the Church’s public road?

No. The single family lots will gain access from Spyglass Way via Township Road 252 like the rest of the Watermark community.


Are there anticipated upgrades to Township Road 252 including signalization?

Township Road 252 is expected to be upgraded to a County standard RAU 100 between 12 Mile Coulee Road and the western-most access of Watermark as development builds out in the community over time.

Installation of a traffic signal is not expected at the intersection of 12 Mile Coulee Road and Township Road 252.



What is the proposed timing of the project?

The Damkar/Centre Street project is intended to follow the proposed timeline. This is of course subject to change.

Early May, 2013 
  • Complete initial site planning and technical reports (Done)
  • Complete initial site planning and technical reports (Done)
Mid May, 2013 
  •  Submit planning applications to RV (Done)
  • Conceptual Scheme Amendment
  • Land Use Amendments  (Done)
Spring/Fall, 2013
  • RVC Planning & Engineering Review Process (Done)
Fall, 2013
  • Community update
May 27, 2014
  • Public Hearing for Council to consider planning applications
Early Summer, 2014
  • Development Permit application
Fall, 2014
  • Site-servicing
  • Anticipated church construction


Are there opportunities for input into the process?

 The Damkars welcome comments at any time through this website, via email at, at our fall open house or at the Public Hearing for Council to consider planning applications.


Where can I learn more about Centre Street Church?

Please visit our community church section for a brief overview of the NW Campus and visit to learn more about the Centre Street Church.


I missed the May 1, 2013 neighbour meeting can I still get copies of the presentation?

The May 1 meeting was well attended and we appreciated all of the interest from neighbours.  If you would like to review the presentation or panels provided at the open house click here.