Part of a dream comes true 

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The Damkars are pleased to announce on June 10, 2014, Rocky View County Council unanimously voted to approve their application to rezone their parcel of land along 12 Mile Coulee Road to facilitate the construction of a new community church. It has been a long standing dream for the Damkar family to gift a portion of their land to the community, and they are thrilled that The Centre Street Church will be developing their new NW Campus on the site in the very near future. The Damkars would like to thank all their neighbours and community stakeholders who participated in the planning process. The Damkars will be moving forward with a subdivision application to isolate ownership of approximately 10 ac for the church site. Subsequently, the Centre Street Church will be applying for permits for the church development shortly thereafter. Servicing for the site is expected to begin this fall in preparation for the anticipated church construction in 2015. The Damkars will continue to operate their website and plan to post information updates pertaining to this project as the various RVC application processes continue to unfold.

The Damkars are also contemplating the second part of their life-long dream to build a unique master-planned complex directly north of the church site that will most likely include a series of multi-family residential buildings offering a mix of fully-independent seniors housing in addition to a lodge facility for those requiring an assisted-living model. The Damkars expect to be back in the community in the near future to share their ideas and discuss how best to formulate their development plans.  And while this future planning process has not officially started, the Damkars would welcome any comments or questions pertaining to this anticipated project at

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