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About the Damkars

The Damkar family moved to their present farm in 1944 after being burned out by a large prairie fire that destroyed the farm they were renting in the Simons Valley area. Starting in the 1960s, brothers Ernie and Norman started phasing into the farming business with their father Abel and in 1970 bought the business and formed their partnership the “Damkar Brothers.” After many years of successful dairy farming, in 1999 the Damkars sold their dairy enterprise and entered into retirement.

Now, the Damkars are focused on making a longstanding dream a reality… to gift a portion of their land to build a church as a first step and the next step the development of  a seniors complex.  Ernie, Iris and Norman are happy to be working with the Centre Street Church in the proposal to build a new NW Campus on their land adjacent to Watermark along 12 Mile Coulee Road. The Damkars view this as a gift to God, the church, ultimately to the seniors and to the community.  As they move through the application process, the Damkars are committed to providing their neighbours with up to date information every step of the way.




Recent Project Updates

July 21, 2017 |

Project continues to move forward

The Damkar Project team is continuing with its plans to develop a community church and residential area on the Damkar property. We thank our neighbours for their continued interest and support for the project. For any questions or concerns, please contact our team through our online...

June 17, 2014 |

Part of a dream comes true 

The Damkars are pleased to announce on June 10, 2014, Rocky View County Council unanimously voted to approve their application to rezone their parcel of land along 12 Mile Coulee Road to facilitate the construction of a new community church. It has been a long standing dream for the Damkar family to gift a portion of their land to the community, and they are thrilled that The Centre Street Church will be developing their new NW Campus on the site in the very near future. The Damkars would like to thank all their neighbours and community stakeholders who participated in the planning process. The Damkars will be moving forward with a subdivision application to isolate ownership...

May 29, 2014 |

Application receives first reading

After the May 27, 2014 public hearing, the Damkar’s application received first reading through a unanimous vote of Rocky View County Council. Council did ask for some minor technical changes to the application which will be submitted and brought back before council on June 10, 2014. Thank you to a great number of people who took the time to both submit letters of support and appear at Council for the afternoon. This was a significant milestone for the project. To view the presentation given by the Damkar team click here. As part of presentation, we also provided a 3D animation which provides a great perspective on the proposed building. To view animation click here....